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Monday Mar 07, 2022

Del Bigtree is an American television and film producer, as well as CEO of the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN). He produced the documentary Vaxxed, featuring Andrew Wakefield, and hosts a show on The HighWire. Del joined me for a conversation surrounding vaccine fraud and misinformation largely driven by pharmaceutical and government interests at the expense of good science and safety. Please support my work.

Sunday Mar 06, 2022

Richard Sakwa is Professor Of Russian And European Politics at the University of Kent. He has written books about Russian and eastern European communist and post-communist politics. Richard was a participant of Valdai Discussion Club, as well as an Associate Fellow of the Russia And Eurasia Programme at the Royal Institute Of International Affairs. He is also a member of the advisory boards of the Institute Of Law And Public Policy in Moscow. Richard’s conversation with me covers a lot of ground, including the history of Russia and Ukraine; the complexities of Ukraine’s national identity; why Putin is not interested in Ukraine; why Biden and NATO are at fault; Ukrainian government’s deliberate aggression towards its own people; why Putin’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine is understandable but a strategic blunder; the current conflict’s impact on the West. If you listened to my podcast with Russell Bentley, then I strongly recommend that you listen to this one with Richard. Please support my work.

Friday Mar 04, 2022

Russell "Texas" Bentley is a soldier and war correspondent in Donetsk (eastern Ukraine). He has been in Donbass since December 2014, as a soldier in the Novorussian Army, serving with the Essence Of Time combat unit in Vostok, as well as with the XAH Battalions. Russell is also an accredited war correspondent, providing factual news and counter-propaganda about the situation in Ukraine and the Ukrainian government’s war against Donbass. He is trying to expose the US-backed regime in Kiev. Russell is also the vice president of Donbass Humanitarian Aid, a fund which has helped hundreds of innocent victims of the war since 2015. He joined me for a conversation about his story and how he arrived where he is, as well as what’s going on in Ukraine.   Please support my work.

Thursday Mar 03, 2022

Astrid Stuckelberger and Claudio Grass both feature in the documentary Planet Lockdown. They have been on my podcast separately, but this time they are together, talking about breaking free from Covid madness.   Support my work.

Monday Feb 28, 2022

Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko and Peter McCullough are doctors who are speaking out against Covid “vaccines”. Both have appeared on my podcast, separately. This time, however, they appear together. They chatted about why the jab must be avoided; fact-checkers not checking facts; the huge increase in death following the shots; the agendas driving the vaccine mandates; what we can do to push back. The conversation was plagued with connectivity issues. My apologies. Please support my work.

Thursday Feb 24, 2022

Sam Bailey is a doctor. She researches common medical conditions, but has been censored on YouTube numerous times because YouTube prohibits views it doesn’t like. I strongly recommend you buy her new book, Virus Mania, because it was force you to rethink everything you think you know about viruses. In this conversation, Sam chats to me about what it means to be healthy; the importance of vitamins; how doctors have become marketing tools for the pharmaceutical industry; and why Sam likes big bananas.   Please support my work.

Monday Feb 21, 2022

Simon Goddek is a scientist with a focus on vitamin D and permaculture. To quote his website, I hold a PhD in biotechnology and systems thinking and follow a multidisciplinary scientific approach. Most of my scientific publications focus on integrated food production systems, but I also publish about COVID-related topics such as human metabolism, vitamin D, food security, and mathematics. He chats about why climate science and virology are broken; the fake Covid pandemic; the importance of permaculture; getting off the grid; and why grandma was right.   Please join the Jerm Warfare community.

Thursday Feb 17, 2022

Denis Rancourt is a scientist and social theorist. He has chatted to me about Covid myths, and now he chats to me about climate change myths. In this conversation, Denis discusses why more CO2 is a good thing; why plastic straws aren't an issue; green energy propaganda; why warmer tempratures aren't a concern; and why the climate change industry is a scam.   Please join the Jerm Warfare community.

Monday Feb 14, 2022

Kees van der Pijl was a professor of international politics at the University Of Sussex. He discusses why the current “pandemic” is fraudulent; why it's a cover for global political seizure of power; why the “health emergency” is just a proxy for the new digital identity control grid; and why China is a preview of what's coming.   Please support my work.

Thursday Feb 10, 2022

Adam Coleman is an author, public speaker, and founder of Wrong Speak Publishing. His literature has been featured in Newsweek, The Post Millennial, ScoonTV, Free Black Thought, and Human Defense Initiative. In this conversation, Adam discusses growing up homeless and without a father; the importance of the family; why masculinity matters; feminism exploiting black women; white liberals always wanting to "save" black people; and Siri versus Black Lives Matter. Adam is a gentleman and a great thinker.   Please support my work.

Monday Feb 07, 2022

Des Latham is a musician, historian, and pilot. He hosts a brilliant series of podcasts from the history of South Africa, to the Anglo-Boer war, to the battle of Stalingrad. In this conversation, Des touches on why learning about the geological formation of the land matters; how we have a politicIsed and romanticised view of history; when farming began in southern Africa; how and why conflict arose between the various population groups; and why South Africa won't become like Zimbabwe.   Please support my work.

Thursday Feb 03, 2022

Reiner Fuellmich is a lawyer in Germany and the United States. He and his team (Corona Committee) have been gathering evidence against the global players behind the Covid pseudopandemic. In this conversation, Reiner discusses his background; this not being a pandemic at all; PCR fraud; the importance of the Grand Jury; why the legal system is captured; and getting off the control grid and building parallel structures.   Please support my work.

Thursday Jan 27, 2022

Gabrielle Clark is a black mom fighting for her white son. She is suing his school after they wanted to fail him because he said that black people can be racist towards white people. She discusses the nonsense that is Critical Race Theory; why the school is perpetuating racism; why anybody can be racist; why all lives matter; and why black Americans are not oppressed. Please support Gabrielle's fight. And please support my work.

Monday Jan 24, 2022

Patrick Wood is an author and expert on technocracy. His book, Technocracy, is one of my favourites. It gives the best overview of everything that is happening in the world right now, and it includes the historical context too, which is obviously important. In our conversation, Patrick chats about the definition of technocracy; who the players are; how it all relates to the United Nations, World Economic Forum, Gates Foundation, and other groups; the Trilateral Commission; why they are dangerous; and what we can do to push back. This is one of the most important podcasts I've done. Please support my work.

Thursday Jan 20, 2022

Chris Williamson is a night club promotor and podcast host. He has had some incredible guests on his show including Jordan Peterson, James Clear, Ryan Holiday, Michael Malice, and even a porn star. We chatted about inspiring books; the meaning of life; how to be the best version of yourself; interesting countries to visit; zef music; and waking up with purpose. Please support my work.

Monday Jan 17, 2022

TRIGGERnometry is a free speech YouTube show and podcast. Comedians Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster create conversations with guests, including former presidential advisors and political experts, leading economists, psychologists, and so on. We chatted about the state of comedy; woke and cancel culture; the importance of listening to opposing opinions; the future of humanity.

Thursday Jan 13, 2022

Mike Yeadon is a former chief scientist at Pfizer, and Mattias Desmet is a professor of psychology at Ghent University in Belgium. Both Mattias and Mike have been on my podcast on separate occasions. This time they were together. They discussed mass formation psychosis; scientists not thinking critically; totalitarianism and its parallels to Covid hysteria; the human desire for belief in something; and why Mike could have chosen a better American state in which to live.   Please support my work.

Monday Jan 10, 2022

James Delingpole is an editor, journalist, and author. We started 2022 with a conversation about technocracy getting in the way; democracy being theatre; the world's worst leaders; imagining being eaten by various animals; and why British entertainment is superior. Plot twist: I think Pink Floyd are overrated. Another plot twist: James thinks The Beatles are overrated.   Please support my work.

Wednesday Dec 22, 2021

Sam Bailey is a doctor.   She previously appeared on my podcast to chat about why viruses don’t cause illness.   This time, however, was different.   Sam joined me for a Christmas live-stream in which we drank, laughed, and chatted about   orcs, sheep, and New Zealand; why I am eating turkey all wrong; whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie; which country has the best beaches; and why Sam is a great target for practical jokes.   Please support my work.

Wednesday Dec 22, 2021

Shea Houdmann is a writer at Got Questions (also known as   He joined me, on my podcast, to discuss the meaning of Christmas, including the liberal war on Christmas; why Christmas decorations don't detract from the essence; how giving gifts is Biblical; the confusion around pagan holidays; and the deliciousness of eggnog.   Please support my work.

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